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Thorough, enjoyable, interactive



in French or in English

Tech tools

Top 22 tech tools
for translators


LogiTerm Pro


Keyboard shortcuts for translators


Neural machine translation (NMT) tools and methods


Dictation and NMT


Comparative stylistics



Applying comparative stylistics principles to NMT

Promotional translation


English syntax

Making sure your English is... English


Building up your ideal client base

Pricing and price adjustments for translators

7 steps to wow a translation client

LinkedIn for translators

The Wave accounting platform for translators 

Negotiation 101
for translators

Proven track record

✓ Unique, theme-based workshops

✓ Experienced trainer

✓ Satisfaction rate over 97%

5 reasons to pick LION

  1. Unique, colourful and impactful workshops

  2. Custom-tailoring to suit your needs 

  3. Rigorous content and quality materials

  4. Twenty years of training experience

  5. Face-to-face, blended and online training

So many tips and anecdotes. The theoretical training is very well adapted to our realities.

Workshop Participant

The Translator's Cookbook

Outstanding training on a very topical subject for us all. There were just enough exercises to keep us on the edge of our seats. The content was interesting and thoroughly researched, and Joachim expertly conveys it in his own grounded, pleasant and humorous style. A very enjoyable workshop!


Lucie Leblanc, C. Tr., President of the NTE, workshop participant

 Eye of the Storm

Excellent class. Excellent trainer, completely masters the tool.

Workshop participant

Fire Up Your Productivity with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 

I found the workshop to be particularly interesting because it addressed several points that I’m often confronted with. I found the suggestions to be very useful because they were down-to-earth and doable.


Workshop participant

 Eye of the Storm

Fantastic workshop! The material was delivered clearly and the exercises were especially insightful. Joachim is an extremely talented translator and trainer.


Workshop participant

The Translator's Cookbook

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