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Welcome to LION Translation Academy, where every course is designed to empower you as a translator to unleash your inner lion and ROAR! In today's fast-changing world, it can be hard to keep up with all the newfangled tech tools out there, make sure that our translations are idiomatic in an era of high demands and instantaneous communication, and figure out how to market our services when we tend to be on the shy and introverted side. As translation trainer with over a decade of experience, I have made it my life's mission to help translators thrive and excel in all these areas. It has been my distinct privilege to train for such organizations as Training for Translators, ITI, OTTIAQ, Editors Canada, the Translation Bureau, Magistrad, and many others. My commitment is to give you the tools to effect profound positive change in your career as a translator. Rest assured that I'll be helping you every step of the way! Click the courses below to find out more and register today—and join the hundreds of satisfied translators from all over the world who have taken LION webinars to propel their productivity, language skills, and business prowess to new heights.

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Joachim Lépine, M. Ed., C. Tr. is a French-to-English translator with a passion for helping translators to thrive. His firm, Traductions LION, has served an array of high-profile clients, both in Canada and abroad.

In recent years, his training clients have included OTTIAQ, Magistrad, Editors Canada, the Translation Bureau, ITI (UK), Training for Translators (USA), and many others.

Joachim Lépine taught English translation and related courses at Université de Sherbrooke for nearly 15 years and was head of the OTTIAQ continuing education committee from 2013 to 2020. He holds degrees in fine arts, professional translation, and education, respectively from Concordia University, Université de Sherbrooke, and Plymouth State University.

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Ann Marie Boulanger, C. Tr. holds a B.A. in translation and an M.A. in translation studies from Concordia University and is the owner of Traduction Proteus Inc., a boutique French-to-English translation firm specializing in medical and life sciences translation.

She is also a mentor, a trainer, and a part-time lecturer in translation studies at McGill University. Her first literary translation, The Woman in Valencia by Annie Perreault, was named a World Literature Today Notable Translation of 2021. Ann Marie Boulanger also translates children’s books.

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